Coastal Carolina Research Center (CCRC) is most grateful for the clinical trial volunteers who visit us everyday. We strongly believe that medical research clinical trial volunteers are the most important element in clinical research and we want to make sure everyone who walks through our doors has a positive experience and completely understands how much we appreciate their significant contribution to advancing new medicines and treatments.

This section is for anyone, whether they are “just curious” about clinical trials, a “first-time clinical trial volunteer” or someone who has volunteered for “multiple” medical research clinical trials. You are welcome to browse all the links here and we hope they provide you the information you are looking for.

If you are interested in one of our enrolling clinical trials just click on “Current Studies” to see what Charleston medical research studies Coastal Carolina Research Center is working on right now.

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Help promote progress by volunteering for a clinical trial.

Volunteer Testimonials

  • “I became a participant in a Hypertension study at […]

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