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Migraine Headache Clinical Trials

If you suffer with migraine headaches or know someone who does you know what a large impact they can have on your life. There is a wide spectrum, however, of how disabling migraines can be. Some people have them sporadically, maybe only once or twice a year but others struggle with them once or twice a week.

However often you get a migraine you will want relief from the typical throbbing headache and nausea that characterizes migraine. Many people use over-the-counter pain relievers but there are several medications that your doctor can prescribe that are more effective. For those who have very frequent migraines, medication taken daily to prevent migraine can reduce the number of migraines each month.

Despite a number of effective treatments already available for migraine, there continues to be a need for more options. Migraine clinical trails help to evaluate new drugs to provide new medications for migraine sufferers.

When you participate in a migraine clinical trail we will review your headache history as well as your general health history. Frequently a physical exam and lab work are part of the evaluation. Participants who qualify for clinical trials generally receive compensation for their time and travel expenses.

Learn more about our current migraine headache clinical trials by visiting our current studies page. To apply, click the Apply Here link (on upper right hand side). If you would like to be considered for another type of study in the future please click hereto submit your interest and the next medical research study we obtain that you are qualified to participate in, we promise to contact you.

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