Patient Testimonials

Coastal Carolina Research Center encourages all its volunteers to submit a testimonial about your experience at our site and with our staff. Take a look at what others said about working with CCRC. You may use the form below to submit your testimonial.
“I became a participant in a Hypertension study at Coastal Carolina Research Center almost a year ago. Having worked in the medical field for over 40 years, I was very impressed with the care and professionalism of the nursing and medical staff. They make patients feel very special and their concern and care is very evident.”

A.B., Charleston, SC

“During my 18 month experience with the program studying the effect of developmental drugs on high cholesterol, I have been treated with the highest level of professional care. All of the staff has been courteous, competent and flexible to my schedule. There is a genuine interest in my physical and personal well being. I have been treated as an individual not simply a number in a test. Nurse Dinsmore has exhibited those qualities we come to associate with the nursing profession. She is a credit to this proud vocation.”

R.W., Charleston, SC

“My husband and I have been in a couple of studies at Coastal Carolina Research Center. I volunteered for the initial study they did. They have always treated us very professionally and with kindness and consideration.

We have a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that we are helping the pharmaceutical industry get their medicine tested for human usage.

We enjoy being subjects and giving our time and energy to them, because it keeps us informed as to what’s new in medicine.”

N.S. & M.S., Charleston, SC

“Compentent, professional, friendly. These are the qualities which describe Coastal Carolina Research Center and their staff. I have been in a cholesterol drug study with Coastal Carolina for the last eighteen months. From the beginning, the staff was thorough and thoughtful in informing me of the study requirements. Their competence in administering various tests (for example, drawing blood) has been exceptional. At Coastal Carolina, scheduling of appointments is flexible and the staff works efficiently to keep their clients from having to wait.

My work with Coastal Carolina has been pleasant and rewarding. As a study subject, I am helping to further the knowledge of vitally important medical research, which can potentially save lives and improve the lives of others. I’m glad I have this opportunity and ask you to become a subject at Coastal Carolina Research Center.”

J.S., Charleston, SC


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