Weight Loss

Weight Loss

This study is testing two different dose levels of an investigational medication added to an approved medication to evaluate safety and change of body weight.

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25 weeks
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“Last February, I saw a Facebook post about a clinical trial for weight loss. On a whim (and really only caring about the free money for going in to see if I qualified) I decided to reach out. Having tried so many things for weight loss and not having a lot of hope, I decided that I had nothing to lose by trying this and some extra money to gain. Being at my heaviest size ever, what could it hurt? Well one year after starting the meds for the trial, I want to say that this was the best WTH decision I’ve ever made.

First of all, the staff at Coastal Carolina Research are professional and courteous. All the information you could ever ask for is provided up front so you can make an informed decision whether to participate or not if you’re qualified. Payment is prompt. Mileage is appreciated. And they have flexible appointments for those who work.

Not only have I earned some extra cash, but in the year since I started I’ve lost ninety-five pounds. The staff are in constant contact to make sure I have what I need regarding nutritional counseling and mental health. Without participants in clinical trials, much needed meds would never hit the market. With obesity being such an epidemic and a leading cause of death in America, I’m thrilled to be participating in something that has not only changed my whole life but hopefully can help others. Not only do I look and feel great, but I have changed the trajectory of my life and avoided the head on collision course that I was racing down towards developing Type 2 diabetes.

Thank you, Coastal Carolina Research! Thank you for giving me hope; for giving others hope; and for giving me back my health!”

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