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PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The investigational drugs in this study is approved in the U.S. for other psychiatric conditions and is being evaluating for subjects who suffer from PTSD. PTSD symptoms include feelings of fear, isolation, and vulnerability.

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medical study vaping

Vaping Cessation Study

Volunteers needed for a Vaping Cessation research study.

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Healthy Volunteer Study

This study is evaluating a currently approved oral preventative medication but at a different unapproved dosing schedule of 28 days. The medication can serve as a counter agent to biodefense agents from terrorist attacks or warfare.

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Motion Sickness

This study is evaluating a new investigational medication for persons who get motion sickness during travel. Each qualified participant will be asked to take a 2 to 5 hour boat trip as part of the study.

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Rosacea - medical study


This study is testing an investigational oral medication for the treatment of rosacea.

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Smoking Medical Trials

Smoking - Alternative Heated Tobacco study

We are seeking smokers to volunteer for this research trial. This study is evaluating various biomarkers for volunteers who elect to smoke an investigational alternative heated tobacco product rather than their regular cigarettes. The study products will include non-menthol and menthol products/sticks.

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ADHD study for Adolescents (ages 13-17)

The study is being led by a local board certified psychiatrist who will see the teenagers at every study visit. Information regarding the teenagers in this study is confidential. This medical study is evaluating an investigational medication for ADHD which works differently than current prescribed medications on the market. Volunteers who complete the initial 6 […]

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Medical study - smoking

Smoking - Alternative Nicotine Actual Use study

This study is seeking smokers who are willing to try an alternative electronic nicotine delivery product of various flavors and levels of nicotine. Volunteers will be allowed to choose among these alternatives, and the study will measure consumption, changes in nicotine usage, including how many "regular" cigarettes the volunteer smokes routinely over the duration of […]

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Pneumoccocal & COVID-19 Combo Vaccine Study

Pneumoccocal & COVID-19 combo Vaccine study

The purpose of this short study is the evaluate both the safety and effectiveness of the co-administration of an investigational pneumococcal vaccine with an approved COVID-19 vaccine at the same time.

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Depression medical study


This depression study is evaluating an investigational oral medication as a new treatment alternative than medications that are currently prescribed on the market. It is a very short study in the beginning however volunteers who complete the initial 28 days of treatment will be given the option to enroll into a 1 year "open-label" study […]

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